Design, Luxury and Sustainability Meet at Solo Palacio, a New Rural Hotel in Asturias located amidst the Picos de Europa Mountains

SOLO Palacio is a stunning rural retreat located in the village of Llanuces in Asturias. With only 33 inhabitants, this exquisite hotel is housed in the historic Palace of the Miranda-Quirós family, a remarkable architectural gem dating back to the 15th century. After a meticulous three-year renovation, the palatial interiors have been seamlessly adapted to meet the contemporary needs of discerning guests while retaining centuries of rich history. The result is a harmonious blend of heritage and modern comfort that is sure to delight.

Design: Blending Cultures in Solo Palacio's Interiors by Sofia Tejerina Mata


Sofia Tejerina Mata, the talented designer behind the interiors at Solo Palacio, draws inspiration from her extensive travels and blends various cultural influences to create a unique and vibrant environment. Having lived in different parts of the world, Sofia seamlessly combines a rich tapestry of cultural inspirations. This colorful design journey converges within the ancient walls of the Palacio, where traditional Asturian elements are stylishly integrated.

At Solo Palacio, each corner reflects the threads of Sofia's worldwide journey, from the lively colors reminiscent of Mexican markets to the organic minimalism inspired by Japanese aesthetics. The interiors evoke a sense of wanderlust, with textures and patterns paying homage to the vibrant energy of Brazil and the intricate detailing reminiscent of Moroccan craftsmanship.

There are eleven apartments available in Solo Palacio, housed in stone buildings with multiple floors. Each room has its own unique character, but they all share common features such as beamed ceilings, exposed stonework, original chimneys, and intricately-carved wooden doors. The apartments range in size from 35 to over 100 square meters and offer various amenities such as freestanding bathtubs, kitchenettes, and duplex layouts. Every space is designed to provide guests with a sense of period elegance.

Spa Rhythms: the art of Wabi-Sabi


Solo Palacio's spa is a place where guests can relax and experience the unique tranquility of the Wabi-Sabi concept. The spa embraces the beauty of imperfection and the passage of time, creating a serene haven for visitors. The outdoor heated jacuzzi is situated amidst the natural landscape, offering a therapeutic retreat, while the sauna provides a space for profound relaxation.

At Solo Palacio, guests can also enjoy a captivating infinity pool that seamlessly merges with the stunning surroundings. The pool invites guests to bask in crystal-clear waters and panoramic views, offering a refreshing escape against the backdrop of the Picos de Europa mountain range.

Culinary Symphony at Solo Palacio Asturias: A Mushroom-Infused Ode to Local Bounty


Solo Palacio Asturias offers an exclusive dining experience for its guests at Solo Bistró, where they can enjoy delightful breakfasts and dinners. You can choose to dine at the enchanting terrace tables that offer scenic views of the mountains or the rustic high-ceilinged, tile-floored dining room with a fireplace. The restaurant offers a mushroom-infused ode to the local bounty, promising a memorable culinary symphony.

Chef Estela Mencía has created a dinner menu that transforms simple mushrooms into an outstanding culinary masterpiece. Her menu features a harmonious celebration of Asturian flavors, where every dish is carefully crafted to showcase the best of local, seasonal ingredients. Chef Mencía is committed to supporting local farmers and exclusively features products sourced from nearby farms and forests. By doing so, she creates a symbiotic relationship between the kitchen and the community. Each item on the menu pays homage to the rich tapestry of local ingredients, highlighting Chef Mencía's dedication to sustainable and community-driven gastronomy.

Sip and Savor: The Hotel Bar


The hotel bar has an impressive collection of local spirits and wines, displayed on back-lit shelves. I was particularly delighted by the Asturias Picofino Gin Cream infused with black truffle. The premium gin cream has a perfect balance of flavors, which when combined with the earthy richness of black truffle, enhances the final taste of your dinner.

Carlos DIaz PErez: Advocate for Sustainability


Carlos Díaz Pérez is the driving force behind Solo Palacio. He is a visionary who is deeply committed to preserving heritage and promoting sustainability. Carlos played an important role in the extensive three-year renovation that transformed the 15th-century Palace of the Miranda-Quirós family into the luxurious modern space it is today. His dedication extends beyond Solo Palacio, as he is actively involved in various community and conservation projects in Llanuces village. Carlos has a not-for-profit approach to business, which demonstrates his commitment to his values.

After spending three days at Solo Palacio, it's clear that this place is not just a vacation destination, but an unspoiled treasure in the world of tourism. Asturias, with its pristine landscapes and cultural richness, remains a hidden gem, adding an exclusive touch to the overall experience.


Apart from its unique surroundings and elegant decor, Solo Palacio promotes responsible tourism. The team's sincere dedication to community projects, such as relocating stray dogs and the Solo Goat Forest carbon capture initiative, is apparent.

What makes Solo Palacio stand out from other accommodations is the genuine warmth of its people. Their open hearts create an atmosphere where luxury and rural charm blend seamlessly. This unique combination defines the essence of this retreat, setting it apart from conventional accommodations.

SOLO Palacio
Llanuces 6; 33117 Quirós, Asturias, Spain

+34 674 34 94 89


All images by Marta Romashina.