Sleep in style in the city of light – top five design hotels in Paris

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Paris today is a fusion of old and new that attracts travellers to get to know the city from a new perspective. In the historic buildings of the La Belle Epoque are now located stylish hotels. I have curated a list of the five most interesting hotels in the centre of the French capital, that has a perfect balance between historical heritage, art and modern design.

Cheval Blanc

In autumn 2021, the LVMH Group opened its first hotel in the centre of Paris. The restored Art Deco building is located on the banks of the Seine near Pont Neuf. And not just a hotel, but a whole complex of the legendary department store La Samaritain, which LVMH has been building for the past 10 years. Right here in the heart of the iconic building, light streams through every window, reflecting the unsurpassed joie de vivre of the Parisians.

All rooms, without exception, overlook the Seine, Pont Neuf and Conciergerie. Beige tones, textured fabrics and leather are essential elements to create an atmosphere of a Parisian apartment. The interior design was done by the famous Peter Marino. Art is in the DNA of a hotel where the 30s meet the 70s. More than 600 people worked on the project artists from all over the world. Upon entering the modern lobby of the hotel, you will see a painting Eiffel Tower by Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and a six-meter blue abstraction by the French artist Georges Mathieu in 1978.

Maison Albar

The historic Maison Albar Vendome is located on a quiet street in the 9th arrondisement a few steps from the Opera Garnier, in the mansion of the French nobility. In the past, this building housed the famous Lyon d'Or - a hotel, restaurant and
cabaret for the Parisian elite of the Belle Epoque.

Fabien Roque is behind elegant interior designs. "I wanted to bring back to life the forgotten an era, a time when Lyon d'Or was a legend all over Paris. So I turned to history to create the design of this hotel". He made a successful redevelopment and revived the spirit of the past, combining elegance, luxury and art.

To pay tribute to the old days, Fabien Roque collaborated with the artist Mark Danno. They revived the atmosphere of the lost Lyon d'Or through paintings to tell the story of its past. Made from ash and leaf gold, these works can be seen in the lobby and rooms of the hotel.

Edourd VII

The English King Edward VII was known for his refined taste, love of luxury and Paris. In 1877 he chose this hotel as his home during his visit to French capital. Today, guests of the Edouard 7 Hotel can plunge into the Edwardian lifestyle. The hotel is located close to the famous Parisian Opera House, in an elegant Ottoman style building from 1877.

This boutique hotel with 69 rooms and suites is inspired by the haute couture of Paris. A very cosy place, in dark tones and with beautiful light and with no less beautiful touches of modernity - fashion photographs on the walls.

Hotel de Sers


Housed in a 19th-century mansion is the elegant Hôtel De Sers, few steps away from the famous Champs-Elysées. The mansion was the former home of the Marquis de Sers, whose family escaped horrors of the French Revolution. The Marquis liked to drink wine and dine with friends in his Parisian home. The first floor was given over to his horses. After a recent reconstruction, the hotel looks very stylish, perfectly combining the classic French decor and modernity. Former stables turned into a beautiful hotel lobby.

Today there are 45 rooms, four junior suites, two large apartments with terraces, offering perfect views of the Eiffel Tower. Design touches such as modern sculptural tables, Bluetooth sound system from Jean-Michel Jarre in a shape of French bulldogs - in combination with antique painting and red velvet somehow creates a harmonious balance of different styles.

Mandarin Oriental Paris

In a city whose architectural heritage is recognized and loved around the world, the hotel Mandarin Oriental is located in a modern building. From the 16th century on the place where the hotel now stands was a Capuchin monastery, a hippodrome, a theatre and even a royal riding school. Housed in an eight-story art deco building from the 30s, the hotel has been renovated to perfection. Here you can feel the bold, creative side of French design with a subtle hint to the eastern origin of Mandarin Oriental.


Original works of art are very characteristic for this hotel. Designer Sibylle de Margerie wanted to convey the unique atmosphere of both East and West, working with French and foreign artists to create unique items specifically for the hotel. The fan is the symbol of the Mandarin Oriental Group, and each hotel creates its own unique fan which reflects the atmosphere of the city. It took 200 hours to create a Parisian fan made in velvet, glossy leather, sequins and pearls.


Images taken by Oleg Tarasenko.