Refined comfort and quite intimacy: a weekend at Luxembourg's hotel Le Place D'Armes

So many travellers tend to choose Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels and do not know at all that they are only a couple of hours away from the fabulous city with cute French-style cafes, narrow European streets, delicious coffee, incredible wine and croissants. People come to Luxembourg in order to relax from the crowd of tourists and enjoy the beautiful hills with small houses that are fascinating from the first sight. Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world – spanning less than 2 thousand square kilometres. But it’s also one of the wealthiest. So when me and my boyfriend decided to pass through the country on our trip from Belgium to Germany, we thought we should visit it in style. What better way than a five-star hotel? 

Chemin de la Corniche observatory is just few steps away from the hotel 

The Design 

After a quick scan of the available options, the hotel Place D’Armes was an easy choice. Why, you ask? Whereas  design and boutique hotels are a rather uncommon in Luxembourg, Hotel Le Place d’Armes perfectly covers the niche. We learnt that it was built on an 18th century printing house, and the decor was a unique blend of antique refinery and modern design. As part of Relais & Chateaux group, it also has good credentials in the hotel world.

Past and present are perfectly combined in the 18th century buildings. The structure skillfully blends Art Nouveau, Baroque and contemporary styles. Hidden corners, secret courtyards and lush patios await the guests. 


It becomes quiet apparent that everything is close in Luxembourg – but I was amazed at just how central the hotel was: just a handful of steps from the Palais Grand-Ducal, City Hall and the business district. The Place D'Armes area is the busiest place in the center of Luxembourg. The tony shops and trendy cafes are situated here. The square encompasses the Cercle-Cite - an outstanding example of neo-baroque style building. This place is never boring, often at the weekends there are antique markets  and live concerts.


For the ones arriving by car, most likely you won't need it to explore the city. But keep in mind that the hotel provides the valet service for the private parking.


My first real taste of our luxurious stay was when we were showed our accommodation. ‘Each room is different,’ the concierge told us, ‘and they spread out in different buildings, linked by a system of balconies and terraces.’ He led us to the room of our choice, the Crystal Suite, which left little to the imagination. Nothing could have prepared us for the tasteful splendour of the interiors. Gold-rimmed, plush armchairs in the sitting room, patterned gold-framed walls, sparkling chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings. It looked like we’d just dropped into the Grand Duke’s residence. The bedroom was in the same ornate style, with a gold-framed mirror facing the huge double bed. The velvety grey covers were as comfortable as they looked when I – yes – dove right into them. 


The bathroom was decorated in a  pattern of delicate brown mosaics highlighted by an exquisite porcelain bathtub. Rest assured, this tub will satisfy your best bubble-bath fantasies. It was the perfect place to lay down and unwind after an afternoon of exploring the city.

Fine dining 

Leaving the comfort of our apartments that night was hard, but a tingle of expectation set us in motion. Connected to the hotel is the Michelin-starred Restaurant La Cristallerie! Here guests can abandon themselves to the sure hands of chef Fabrice Salvador – inspired and trained in some of the most prestigious French restaurants. Dive into a variety of set menus, from the light and breezy ‘Nature Gourmande’ to the mouth-watering ‘Exception’ Menu. With respect to the wine, the restaurant was chosen as 2017 Sommelier of the Year. Options include a Grilled Ubud foie gras – so flavourful it will make your taste buds skyrocket off to a distant planet. Or how about some white asparagus, pecorino cheese & wasabi dish?


The next day, we ordered breakfast in our room, which we ate from the comfort of our terrace whilst people-watching down on the street below. The breakfast was nothing short on delicious, with a menu including a variety of egg-based options, and complimentary champagne! The cosy hotel terraces are perfect to observe the hustle and bustle at the heart of Luxembourg’s old city. 

However, if guests choose to have breakfast downstairs there is a lovely buffet in one of the sumptuous dining rooms.



The hotel is situated near the main attractions of the city –  if you don’t enjoy trekking for miles on holiday, Luxembourg is the place for you. In a handful of hours, we had seen all the main sights, and were ready for another healthy dose of relax at our  hotel. 


We sipped signature cocktails at the elegant Bar ‘Le 18’ – a soft rhythm of jazz accompanying our conversation. Modern chequered carpet, sleek aluminium stools and cream-coloured sofas. I loved an outdoor terrace which gave a distinct French vibe. 


Hidden in the vaulted rooms is a fully-equipped training gym with a personal trainer. Alternatively, guests can unwind at the Wellness Centre, which offers everything from a full-body massage to a manicure. 


Seeing as we are living in a post-pandemic world, it is important to note that the hotel takes all the necessary precautions with regards to sanitation. There is a hydro-alcoholic gel at disposal in the lobby, at the entrance of every restaurant and at the bar. Sideboards are placed at the reception desks to keep the necessary distance, and credit cards and pens are passed on a tray to prevent contact with the hotel staff. Each room is thoroughly ventilated between stays, and completely disinfected once every two stays. At Place D’Armes, it will never feel like safety isn’t of the utmost priority.

The Hotel's team is ready to welcome you. The image provided by the hotel.

All the necessary precautions are taken. Image provided by the hotel.

The comfort and intimacy mixed with modern design make of it the best luxury hotel to set out and explore one of the smallest countries in the world.


Book your stay directly with Hotel Le Place d'Armes
Price Range: €270 – €2000 per night
Location: Place d'Armes 18, Ville Haute, L-1136 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Tel: +352 27 47 37


All images are taken by Thitiphol Owen Charoensri