Nobu Kuala Lumpur, fine dining restaurant on the 56th floor with the view of Petronas towers

Nobu restaurants are larger than life, there’s one in every major city on earth, and Kuala Lumpur is no exception. On the 56th Floor of Petronas Tower 3, visiting this gorgeous restaurant is a must just for the views.


Wooden furniture and a dim light create a comfortable, yet, high-end ambience, with an impressive wine cellar and attentive service. This is the perfect setting for the food to come, which might very well be the highlight on a visit to Nobu. 


Here’s how my AFTERNOON at Nobu Kuala Lumpur played out. 


The first thing they brought us from a manicured prix fixe menu were tender edamame with our drinks. Definitely a nice start, but, boy, we didn’t know what we were getting into!

Then came a Salmon New Style Sashimi and Yellow Tail sashimi with sliced jalapeno peppers. Both beautifully seasoned with soy sauce and neatly arranged for several bites that just tasted like the sea, delicately seasoned with Asian staple flavours. 

Up to this point, you’re awe-inspired by the hard work they put into every dish, but the best is still to come. Once you try the Baby Tiger Prawn Tempura, tender, aromatic, and crunchy, you know Nobu is on another level, and not just because of the long elevator ride that takes you there.

The phrase beauty in simplicity comes to mind when describing the restaurant’s Signature Black Cod Fillet. The fish is carefully seasoned with miso for an umami bomb that really brings out the oily richness of the fish.

Although you’re probably not in Nobu for the sushi, you’re in for a surprise courtesy of the Sushi Cup Selection; the chefs add fluffy rice on small cups, each topped with a sushi topping, from fatty tuna to salmon roe. You can’t get enough of these!

Then there’s the Wagyu tenderloin, the most rewarding dish of the entire meal. Perfectly cooked and seasoned with wasabi and black pepper sauce, the meat melts in your mouth and leaves you with a coating mouthfeel hard to forget.

I know it isn’t hard, but please leave room for dessert. We enjoyed a Chocolate Sphere filled with ice cream that’s just as creative as it is satisfying — it just puts a smile on your face.


All courses are paired with colourful cocktails as pretty as they’re tasty, real craftsmanship coming out of the bar. My favourite was the Lychee Martini, but every drink not only tasted great, they paired nicely with the food.

The Bottom Line

Is Nobu Kuala Lumpur worth the visit? That’s a big yes. The place alone is outstanding, but once the food comes, you feel humbled and thrilled at the same time — hands down the best meal you can have in the city.


If you get to visit this Nobu or any other near you, let me know how that goes! Visiting all the gems in the Nobu family might sound like a lifelong journey but trust me every single Nobu is in my bucket list.

For inquiries and reservations, call +60 3 2164 5084 or WhatsApp 019 389 5085.

Opening Hours are Lunch: 11.45 am – 2.00 pm (Daily), High Tea:1.00 pm – 4.00 pm (Weekends) and Dinner: 6.00 pm – 10.30 pm (Daily)

Images by Thitiphol Owen Charoensri.