Autumn in NYC with Le Meridien Central Park Hotel

It has finally happened and my dream came true – to wake up in the Big Apple, look out the window and see Central Park, go downstairs and grab my very first American bagel and coffee for breakfast. It has been a top destination on my list but somehow all these years I have been reluctant to travel there as I was keeping it for something very special. And here we are this November I was about to turn 30 and I had the best travel companion I could think of, so already in the beginning of 2019 I knew where I will throw a party. 


Another thing I have been always imagining when traveling to NYC is that it has to be during fall time. I guess seeing many movies where they portray the charm of the city during my favourite season was too tempting to resist. “Autumn in New York” has been always one of my favourite movies (maybe Richard Gere literally played a part haha). Funny thing just before the trip Owen and I went to see “A Rainy day in New York”, regardless of the controversy of the director, I have been always fond of Woody Allen’s work – a bit nostalgic, romantic, with a touch of sarcasm. 


So having all the things above together with no questions asked, I knew the first days in NYC we had to stay somewhere near Central Park to enjoy my autumn dream. Not many hotels in this city offer such a view but I stumbled across Le Meridien Central Park hotel which was walking distance to the park and had one of the most spectacular views. 


I arrived in NYC early morning from London and Owen has already checked-in the day before and was waiting there for me. To my surprise when I checked-in I saw this gorgeous suite located on the top 26th floor and a beautiful welcome with a bouquet of roses from my boyfriend. 

The suite was very spacious with Central Park views from both bedroom and living room.

The lobby has lots of design features and the entrance was the perfect backdrop for the Halloween photo shoot. You can check my Halloween experience in NYC city as well as our preparations in Le Meridien hotel here.

The next morning we went to have a walk in Central Park which is just steps away. It was so cool to see New Yorkers grabbing their coffees, having a morning jog before work and so many professional dog walkers which I haven’t seen anywhere else before. Some people even were jogging with their coffee while doing business on the phone. I guess if you want to make it happen in New York you have to know how to multitask, prioritise and be ready not to spend that much time with your dogs. Kidding. In general I felt jealous for New Yorkers as they live in on of the best cities in the world which has everything – a bit of Europe, a bit of Asia, the culture and food, people from all ver the world and most importantly an opportunity for everyone.

The Iconic Bow Bridge we all have seen in Hollywood movies like Home Alone, Autumn in New York and Spider Man.

The next day it was a much better weather and we enjoyed the crowd preparing for the annual marathon which is the largest one in the world and happened to be on 3rd of November in 2019. We enjoyed the marathon a lot but the most fun were the local cheerleaders who were supporting total strangers screaming their names out loud and giving them a dose of motivation.

To book your stay or get more information simply go to the official website of Le Meridien Hotel.

Price Range: $250 – $500 per night
Location: 120 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, United States.


All the images are take by the man above – Thitiphol Owen Charoensri.