L'Officiel Arabia

L'Officiel Arabia April 2022 print 

The biggest threat to our world today, is the belief that someone else will save it. But in present times, everyone needs to stand up and be that very change they want to see. While the issue of sustainability is receiving increased attention day by day, however, most of the pressure is put on fashion companies and designers.


As I see it, the change has to happen on

every level including fashion photography. For this reason, we have partnered with Parisian vintage store The Room to show that high fashion could be and should be sustainable. All the clothing items that we have used are all vintage except for the handbags.



Marta Romashina @wheremartawent www.wheremartawent.com

Oleg Tarasenko @olegtarasenko.ru www.olegtarasenko.ru

Stylist: Marta Romashina www.wheremartawent.com

Model: Cristina Muñiz-Alcaraz @cristina_m_alcaraz @CoverModelsParis