Harper's Bazaar Thailand

HARPER'S BAZAAR men THAILAND Fall/winter 2021

The name of this editorial comes from Nirvana’s song. The band was ahead of their time

in attitudes towards inclusivity. Kurt Cobain was outspoken on gay rights, homophobia

and sexism. He often wore dresses to protest against sexism. "Wearing a dress shows I

can be as feminine as I want," he told LA Times. "I'm a heterosexual... big deal. But if I

was a homosexual, it wouldn't matter either."


We live in a world where some societies are still very patriarchal and where sexism is a big part of it. From an early age, we are told what to wear, how to behave, how to think, and how to live. With this photoshoot, I wanted to prove a point that sexism can concern both men and women. 


In every look that we've created, there is a duality between masculine and feminine. All shots were made with one click using various lighting techniques, no photoshop was used. 


Photographers: Oleg Tarasenko, Marta Romashina

Art Director/Producer: Marta Romashina 

Makeup artist/hair: Olga Bychcova

Model: Sergey Rusinov

Nails: Ksenya Trandina @s.___a.___d.___

Retoucher: Daryna Tabachnyk @1retouching

Assistants: Olga Morunova, Nastya Berezka