Elle Indonesia

 July 2021 print



As we speed out of youth's sunny station
The track seems to shine in the light,
But it suddenly shoots over chasms
Or sinks into tunnels of night.
And the hearts that were brave in the morning
Are filled with repining and fears,
As they pause at the City of Sorrow
Or pass through the Valley of Tears.
But the road of this perilous journey
The hand of the Master has made;
With all its discomforts and dangers,
We need not be sad or afraid.
Paths leading from light into darkness,
Ways plunging from gloom to despair,
Wind out through the tunnels of midnight
To fields that are blooming and fair.
“Life's Journey” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Jan 1890.


In her poem “Life’s journey”, Emma Wheeler Wilcox explores ups and
downs of life, with its light and shadows. So do we, two Russian
photographers, showcase this travel though light and colour in our work.
Even though this year started in the darkness for most of us, there will be
spring at the end with its joy and happiness.


Photographers: Marta Romashina, Oleg Tarasenko 
Stylist / Art Director: Marta Romashina 
Model: Nastya Berezka from Rouge Models
Make-up / Hair stylist: Olga Bychkova