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Marta Romashina 

Publications: Harper's Bazaar Thailand, ELLE Kazakhstan, ELLE Indonesia, L'Officiel Arabia, L'Officiel Monaco, L'Officiel Brazil, L'Officiel Liechtenstein, L'Officiel Cyprus, Vogue Italia PhotoVogue, Kaltblut, Iconic Artist, Mob Journal, Malvie, Beoyondall, Picton, Aperture Collective, Art of Portrait, Untold, Esti




Awards: Finalist Picto Prix de La Mode 2021 Paris





Bonjour! My name is Marta Romashina, and I am a passionate travel blogger and fashion photographer. I absolutely love being able to travel the world ( I've been to 46 countries and lived in 7) to gain new perspectives, try new foods and document it with high-end photography along the way to share with my fellow wanderlust followers.


I was born and raised in Russia and I am currently living in Paris. But before that, I had a very interesting journey. I moved to Prague at the age of 16 to earn my degree in finance. After seven years in that industry, I realized it just wasn’t for me. Too many numbers and not enough creativity. So, I decided to take on my other aspiration and become a part of the fashion industry. With that new goal, I moved to Shanghai to study fashion marketing, where I was able to work with several designers and work at Shanghai Fashion Week. After earning my degree, I headed to Bangkok to work as a fashion merchandiser. I enjoyed the fashion world so much that I decided to earn my Master's degree in Fashion Buying from Polimoda University in Florence, Italy.


After travelling all over and realising how invigorating that is, I thought, why can’t I do that for a living? That was the moment I changed gears and became the travel blogger you see today. As a leader in the travel industry, I write articles for several publications, including L'Offficel and Elle magazines, where I am a regular contributor. 


I never stopped my fashion side though! I am happily involved with fashion photography and art direction and have shot editorials for some great magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, ELLE and L'Officiel. From self-portraits to model work, you can find this artistic side on my site as well. 



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